The golf course out here at Clearwater Lake is not the type of course you would ever see on TV. While we keep it mowed, there aren't putting greens, we don't run the sprinkler system (as of now), and there are no formal rules. Instead, the course is a great place to hit some balls around with friends or take the dogs for a walk and enjoy the wonderful wilderness of Northern Wisconsin. There has been talk about putting up some frisbee golf cages and make a course or two. If the lot owners ever want to take the course to the next level and become more of a regular golf course, the infrastructure is in place to do so. For now the course is just a great place to go relax, have some fun, and enjoy the wilderness.

Pictures of the Golf Course:

Videos of the Golf Course:

If kind of shaky videos with and poodles running all over are your thing you will love the videos of the golf course I took in late fall and have listed below. I will take better videos at some point that are higher quality, but for now they at least give a rough feel for the area.

Hole 1

Hole number one is a 302 yard par 4 that doglegs to the right at 152 yards. The hole runs slightly uphill as you work your way towards the pin.

Hole 2

Hole number two is a short but challenging par 3. The green is only 152 yards from the pin, but is nestled in a pocket that is surrounded by dense woods and scenic wetlands.

Hole 3

Hole number three is one of the most challenging holes on the course. This par 4 hole measures 348 yards from tee box to pin and has a double dogleg, first to the left and then back to the right. At the 175 yard mark, a large pond sits off to the right of the fairway. The green is built around a large bunker and the approach is protected by enormous white pines.

Hole 4

Hole number four is a long par 4 that stretches 430 yards. A large pond covers the span of the hole from the 250 yard mark to the 315 yard mark. The approach narrows up near the green which is tucked into a cove of beautiful pines.

Hole 5

Hole number five is a short par 4 measuring 289 yards. The hole is deceiving from the tee box as the fairway starts wide, but then narrows as it gets closer to the pin. A long pond is located to the left of the fairway from the 140 yard mark to the 230 yard mark. There is a slight dogleg to the right at the 230 yard mark after the pond that will require you to work the ball to reach the green with a driver.

Hole 6

Hole number six is the longer of the two par 3s on the course. The hole plays at 185 yards and crosses a large natural preserve area before opening to a wide clearing surrounded by large oaks and pines. A small pond butts up against the left side of the green. After you knock in your putt, look up at the trees on the path to hole seven and see if the Eagles are in their nest watching the action.

Hole 7

Hole number seven is the most unique hole on the course and offers many playing options depending on the skill level of the golfer. The hole plays at 317 yards down the middle with a 90 degree dogleg left at the 140 yard mark. A medium sized pond sits on the corner making it risky to try and cut the corner. A golfer with great iron distance, lift and accuracy can loft a shot over the trees that create the dogleg and go for the pin in one.

Hole 8

Hole number eight is a short, but challenging par 5. While the hole plays at 462 yards. A pond is positioned across the span of the fairway from the 183 yard mark to the 233 yard mark. The fairways are tight and there is a slight dogleg to the right at the 300 yard mark.

Hole 9

Hole number nine is the easiest hole on the course and offers a great opportunity to end your day on a high note. The 286 yard par 4 is open and straight with a large green.