Here's what I love about Lot 79. When the Church owned the property and ran their youth camps (if you would like to know the history of the development, send me a message and I will share with you what I know) they had their Recreation Building on this site. This was their main beach area for the kids. The DNR will not allow land owners to create a beach like this, but since this already exists, it is the perfect opportunity for someone to have a huge sandy beach at their home.

Lot 79 is located on Loon Song Point which is on the east side of the lake near the Park Areas and centered among the other amenities of the development. This area is more open. There is a nice lake breeze and lots of sunshine. Not everyone likes lots that are in the open, but keeping an "open" (pun intended) mind on this and think of the advantages of starting with an unwooded lot could lead to a gorgeous home site. There are many landscaping opportunities that can be incorporated into a house design during the building stages that aren't possible in heavily wooded sites. In the open, it is easy to plant trees in select areas around the lot to create a wooded environment and more privacy. As a planter of many trees, I can say that there is something fun and rewarding about having trees planted. You get to watch them grow and become what you imagined and you will always have the "remember when we planted those trees" stories that become part of your fond memories of owning your lake property.

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Lot Information
Acres: Septic: Water Frontage: Slope:
1.10 Shared 100' Level
County: Shoreline: Lot Depth: Exposure:
Oneida Beach 414' Southern
   * All lots have electric, natural gas and phone/dsl installed at lot line
   * Septic listing is for pre-tested locations. Septic type may vary if alternate placement is used.
   * Lot ownership includes usage rights to all parts of the 700 acres of Common Club Property.

View from the back of the lot looking towards the lake.